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Master the art of narrative design in Susan O’Connor’s GDC Masterclass!

Sign up for Susan O'Connor's GDC Masterclass to improve your narrative design skills!

February 2, 2021

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Storytelling in games takes many shapes, from the quests of a large MMORPG to the quiet storytelling of an indie platformer. How do you work with your fellow developers to tell the best story possible?

Susan O’Connor knows how. In her upcoming GDC Masterclass, she’ll be taking the time to teach you her techniques for great narrative design.

It’s an exercise in problem-solving and collaborative teamwork like no other, and you can take part in the two-day course that will run March 4th and 5th from 9AM to 1PM PT.

In O’Connor’s course, you will:

  • Find out how to structure a story that gameplay can’t break

  • Learn best practices, through case studies of past projects

  • Discover why the secret to great storytelling is your player’s job (do you know what it is?)

  • Learn how to diagnose the root causes of your game/story problems - and how to fix them

  • Master the practical, step-by-step process that helps designers and writers collaborate successfully

  • Tackle your project’s biggest game/storytelling challenges - and solve them, during this workshop

There are only a limited number of seats. Don’t wait! Sign up for O’Connor’s class before it’s too late.

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