Learn to 'sketch' VR game design ideas during a live demo at XRDC!

At XRDC in San Francisco this October you'll have a chance to see CloudGate president Steve Bowler design new VR game mechanics live -- with audience participation!

Virtual reality is sometimes pigeonholed as a solitary experience, but at XRDC in San Francisco this October you'll have a chance to see an expert game maker design new VR game mechanics live -- with audience participation!

In a special XRDC 2019 Entertainment track talk on "Drawing Code: Sketching VR Mechanics Live" CloudGate Studio president Steve Bowler will you how he works in Unreal Engine 4's Blueprints system by designing a new VR game mechanic -- live!

Taking audience suggestions, Bowler intends to "sketch" at least one new working VR mechanic to demonstrate how easy it is to get started making games using Blueprints. Part Iron Chef Challenge, part Magic of Oil Painting, and part fall-down pratfall comedy, this session should equip you with new techniques for game design and a renewed passion for game development.

It's just one of the many exciting sessions planned for XRDC at the beautiful Fort Mason Festival Pavilion in San Francisco, so make sure to sign up now so you don't end up paying more at the door!

This year there's an all-new XRDC pass for sale: the Startup Pass, specifically designed to give smaller teams and trailblazing startups a clear path to success at XRDC at nearly half the price of the regular pass.

For more details about XRDC, which is produced by organizers of the Game Developers Conference, check out the official XRDC website. You can also subscribe to regular XRDC updates via emailTwitter and Facebook.

Gamasutra, XRDC, and GDC are sibling organizations under parent company Informa

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