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These panels will discuss cases for applying VR/AR/MR to engineering a product, whether it be a machine, building or pharmaceutical drugs.

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September 6, 2017

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Virtual Reality Developers Conference organizers are highlighting a series of VRDC Fall 2017 panels which discuss cases for applying VR/AR/MR to engineering a product, whether it be a machine, building or pharmaceutical drugs.

These sessions are part of the conference’s Innovation track of talks, which encompasses experts from around the world sharing insight into how virtual- and augmented-reality technologies have the power to positively influence nearly all aspects of our lives.

If you’re coming to VRDC Fall 2017, which is happening September 21-22 at a bigger, better venue in San Francisco, you’ll want to keep an eye on these panels!

Attend VRDC Fall 2017 to learn about immersive games & entertainment, brand experiences, and innovative use cases across industries.

In the talk “How AR is Transforming the Building and Construction Industries”Co-Founder of Scope AR Scott Montgomerie will share how AR is being used in major industries aside from gaming like construction and manufacturing in order to create efficiencies, increase accuracy and maximize knowledge retention across an organization.

The session will take a case study approach to show how organizations in a traditionally “old fashioned” industry are changing how their organizations work around employee training, collaboration, machinery repair, troubleshooting and diagnosing problems, and more through innovative uses of AR.

Also, Lead User Interface Designer at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Nathaniel Guy will be at VRDC Fall 2017 to discuss “Mixed Reality for Space Exploration”. MR not only has the potential to merge real and virtual worlds to create an environment where physical and digital objects can interact, but the technology has also been changing the way NASA explores space.

You can expect to learn how Engineers designing rovers and spacecrafts can preview full-scale holographic prototypes before any parts are built, or how Astronauts aboard the International Space Station can use MR interfaces to receive virtual assistance from experts on the ground and work more efficiently. Additionally you will walk away with a better understanding of how MR is being used to deal with problems encountered in space exploration, and how the tech can be applied to practical problems in engineering and science.

While you’re at the show make sure to make time to check out the “VR to MR: How Real World Data Changes the Use of VR in the Automotive Industry” talk that UX Engineer/Product Design of BMW Group Patrick Dahms is giving at VRDC Fall 2017.

It’s well worth seeing because anyone interested in using VR/MR beyond gaming and entertainment will gain an understanding of the broad potential of VR within the automotive industry, from internal design and training applications, to consumer-facing experiences and products.

Additionally, Innovation Specialist at Merck Zach Pinner will be at VRDC Fall 2017 to give his talk “Immersive Tech in Merck Labs”, which will explain how immersive technology has successfully found a way into the historically slow-moving pharmaceutical industry. Anyone interested in learning how scientists are leveraging this technology in drug discovery, be sure to attend!

And of course, VRDC Fall 2017 organizers look forward to announcing many more talks for the event in the weeks to come. Don’t forget to register early at a discounted rate!

Since tickets sold out for the first three VRDC events, VRDC Fall 2017 will offer more sessions and move to a bigger location at the Hilton Union Square in San Francisco, CA September 21-22.

For more information on VRDC Fall 2017, visit the show’s official website and subscribe to regular updates via Twitter and Facebook.

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