Learn AR game design from Pokemon Go dev Niantic at GDC Summer

GDC organizers are excited to confirm that some of of the game design experts at Pokemon Go maker Niantic will be offering a crash course in AR game design at GDC Summer next month!

Pokemon Go creator Niantic is an industry leader in augmented reality game design, which is why GDC organizers are excited to confirm that some of Niantic's experts will be offering a crash course in AR game design at GDC Summer next month!

As part of the GDC Summer Design track of talks Niantic senior game designer Laura Warner and senior software engineer Kirsten Koa will present "AR Game Design 101", a crash course in how the team behind Pokemon Go tackles the challenges of blending the digital world with every-day real world experiences.

If you're a game designer, artist, or developer looking for inside knowledge on how Niantic is enhancing the real world through AR technology, don't miss this talk! You can expect to walk away with deeper insight into the core game design principles Niantic relies on when crafting fun and exciting AR experiences for players.

Further details on this session and the many others on offer at next month's event, check out the GDC Summer Session Viewer!

For more details on GDC Summer, scheduled to take place virtually August 4th through the 6th, visit the show's official website, or subscribe to regular updates via Facebook, Twitter, or RSS.

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