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Learn about the character technology of The Last of Us Part II’s NPCs at GDC 2021

Naughty Dog's Bryan Collinsworth and Michal Mach will dive into the character technology of The Last of Us Part II at GDC 2021.

April 20, 2021

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At the 2021 Game Developers Conference, Naughty Dog developers Bryan Collinsworth and Michal Mach want to talk to you about ambience. Or more specifically, ambient behaviors, like those seen in the non-playable characters of The Last of Us Part II.

In order to bring the game’s emotional story to life, the studio had to create a number of unique ambient behaviors to guide NPCs through a number of different locations—like an ambient museum, an empty Synagogue, and more.

If those interactions inspired you as a game developer, don’t miss their talk at the all-digital GDC 2021, where they’re going to be breaking down the design principles, system, and technology that made it all possible.

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