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There's more than one way to make game systems, and today at 2PM EST, we're talking to two developers who will be presenting at GDC 2017's Indigenous Games lightning talks panel about their work.

Bryant Francis, Senior Editor

January 12, 2017

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One of the most fascinating trends in game design history is the way historical data, mindsets, and rulesets are often applied to everything from strategy games design to economic systems that affect huge RPGs. As a designer, it’s important to note that many of these systems come from a Western-focused view on history, but what if you could make games that drew on the lessons of other cultures, such as Native American people?

At GDC 2017, there’s going to be a gathering of game developers and writers from various Indigenous backgrounds aiming to tackle this very subject, and today, we’re going to be talking to two speakers, Untame creative lead Julia Keren-Detar and independent developer Elizabeth LaPensée, to get a preview of what this talk will focus on.

It’s an important conversation, especially given Keren-Detar’s historical analysis that draws huge crowds each year at GDC, and LaPensée’s independent work, which pushes the boundaries of game development and offers lessons for devs of all backgrounds. 

If you have questions about making games from an Indigenous perspective, join us at 2PM EST to ask questions in the chat!

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