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John Romero is giving a Quake postmortem at GDC 2021

id Software co-founder John Romero will take you through the rollercoaster of Quake’s creation at the all-digital GDC 2021.

May 11, 2021

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Do you have fond memories of Quake LAN parties? Did it help shape your career? Whatever your history with the game is, you should know that id software cofounder John Romero is planning to do a postmortem of the original Quake at the all-digital 2021 Game Developers conference.

At the show (running online from July 19th-23rd), Romero will be taking the audience through the rollercoaster that was Quake's creation and reveals why it brought about the end of the original id software.

Romero’s talk will cover the game’s development from 1995-1996, discuss the challenges faced along the way, and explain how Quake both changed the game industry as a whole and spell out how it changed its developers.

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