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Is the Switch's HD Rumble feature a big deal for devs? Miyamoto thinks so

"When you put your pen on the screen, it's not just this dull vibration, you can feel the tap that the tip of the pen makes on the screen."

Chris Kerr, News Editor

February 15, 2017

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In a recent interview with Time, Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto was quizzed about Nintendo's new hybrid console, The Switch. 

The veteran designer served up more than a few interesting tidbits, chatting about everything from the Japanese giant's enduring creative philosophy and the more technical aspects of the device. 

Honing in on the latter, Miyamoto was asked to explain why Nintendo has doubled down on haptic feedback this time around, with both of the Switch's Joy-con controllers featuring advanced vibration tech in the form of 'HD Rumble.'

"First of all, I can't say for certain that HD Rumble is going to create something completely original, but I can say that the sensation HD Rumble provides is completely new," explained Miyamoto. 

"What's incredible is that it's not just this monotone vibration, but you can feel the taps. So when you put your pen on the screen, it's not just this dull vibration, you can feel the tap that the tip of the pen makes on the screen.

"Right now there's this idea that 60 frames-per-second graphics is the standard [speed for modern video games]. If you were, for example, to make something that ran at 20 frames-per-second, someone would get mad at you."

It's all about interactivity, then. That's why a quick response time is important. Comparing the tech to virtual reality, Miyamoto reiterates that latency can have huge ramifications, and with HD Rumble the latency is different so it can provide "a unique experience."

Don't forget to read the full interview on Time to hear more about the newest member of the Nintendo family.

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