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Indies question whether journalists should be our game curators

"Ultimately, journalists are interested in an interesting story more than an interesting work," said Super Hexagon developer Terry Cavanagh at a GDC talk Monday, arguing that fellow game developers are our best curators.

Frank Cifaldi, Contributor

March 25, 2013

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"Ultimately, journalists are interested in an interesting story more than an interesting work."

- Independent developer Terry Cavanagh explains why he organized four fellow devs together to form Free Indie Games a year ago, a blog that, very simply, spotlights games that its editors find interesting. "We need curators," he said at a GDC talk on Monday. And those curators, he says, need to be fellow game developers. His words came as an introduction to a discussion about several games that he and fellow Free Indie Games editor Porpentine shared with an audience at the Independent Game Summit. He raises an interesting point: As the barriers to entry diminish and as games become something that almost anybody can make, are general interest journalists the best filters for curating and sharing diverse content that might have a limited audience appeal? "I'd say that it isn't that women and queers and people of color aren't making games," said Porpentine. "It is that they are not being covered sufficiently." For Gamasutra's full GDC 2013 event coverage this week, check out the official GDC 2013 event page.

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