IGF China reminds on Monday entry deadline for 2012 competition

This November's IGF China is beginning to take shape, and developers looking to feature their games at the event should act soon, as the call for indie game submissions ends on Monday, September 10.
Following another successful event in 2011, this November's Independent Games Festival China is beginning to take shape, and developers looking to feature their games at the event should act soon, as the call for indie game submissions ends on Monday, September 10. IGF China -- which will take place alongside GDC China in Shanghai -- is accepting submissions from developers from throughout the pan-Pacific area, which includes both Asian and Australian regions. To enter, simply fill out the submissions form on the official GDC China website. As in previous years, IGF China will be divided into three main segments: The IGF Summit, the IGF Pavilion, and the IGF Awards. The IGF Summit will feature sessions from some of the world's top developers, while the IGF Pavilion will showcase some of the region's best independent and student games. The prestigious IGF Awards, meanwhile, will be split into both Main and Student competitions, and will honor the many talented developers in both China and its surrounding regions. The 2012 IGF China Main Competition will give out awards and cash prizes in five categories, including: - Best Game (RMB20,000 ~ $3,150 USD) - Best Mobile Game (RMB10,000 ~ $1,570 USD) - Excellence in Audio (RMB5,000 ~ $780 USD) - Excellence in Technology (RMB5,000 ~ $780 USD) - Excellence in Visual Arts (RMB5,000 ~ $780 USD) The Student Competition, meanwhile, will offer two awards, for Best Student Game (RMB10, 000 ~ $1,570 USD, 1 Winner) and Excellent Student Winner (RMB3, 000 ~$470 USD, 2 Winners). Finalists -- who will receive two All Access passes to attend GDC China and the IGF awards ceremony on November 18, 2012 -- will be chosen by a panel of expert jurors including Kevin Li (CEO, TipCat Interactive); Monte Singman (Founder/CEO, Radiance Digital Entertainment); Xubo Yang (Director of Digital Art Lab and Assistant Professor; Shanghai Jiaotong University's School of Software), Haipeng Yu (Producer, Tencent Shanghai), and jury chairman Simon Carless, IGF Chairman Emeritus and EVP of the GDC shows, Gamasutra, and Game Developer magazine. Last year's event saw 112 high-quality entries from regions including Mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, India, and more. Winners included titles like Best Game recipient Pixel May Cry (Feng Li, China), Void (DigiPen Institute of Technology, Singapore) for both Excellence in Technology and Best Student Game, and Pixi (DigiPen Institute of Technology, Singapore) for Excellent Student Winner. Key dates for IGF China include: - September 10, 2012- Submission Deadline - September 28, 2012- Finalists Announced - November 17-19, 2012 - Game Developers Conference China 2012 - November 18, 2012 - IGF China Awards Ceremony (Winners Announced!) - November 17-19, 2012 - IGF China Pavilion @ GDC China GDC China will take place at the Shanghai International Convention Center from November 17-19, 2012. For more details on the show, please visit GDC China's official website or the information and submission pages for IGF China.

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