How do you make the sequel to Frog Fractions? Like this

"Start with a dumb idea, then grow it based on feedback, relying on what my personal fun/funny considers the obvious next move," Frog Fractions creator Jim Crawford tells Kill Screen.
"Start with a dumb idea, then grow it based on feedback, relying on what my personal fun/funny considers the obvious next move. Do that for a year and you have Frog Fractions."

- Game developer Jim Crawford talks with Kill Screen about his design process for Frog Fractions games.

In 2012 a free browser game called Frog Fractions became a sensation, in large part because it wasn't at all what it seemed.

"My intent was to make a game about the joy of discovery," creator Jim Crawford told Gamasutra that year. "People usually like mysteries more than they like solutions."

Last month, after a mysterious Kickstarter ("Most Kickstarters are very detailed about what you're paying for, but the nature of this one is that you're paying for a surprise") and at least two different alternate-reality games (ARGs) played out, Crawford confirmed that the sequel to Frog Fractions had been released inside another game -- Glittermitten Grove.

Devs who have followed the project may be curious to read a new Kill Screen feature on the project that includes comments from Crawford; given his avowed passion for preserving mysteries, it's worth noting that the full feature includes insight into the creation of his new game that could be construed as spoilers.

Beyond the game itself, the interview also delves into how Crawford contributed to an ARG for the project -- and eventually found himself pulled into a different ARG he wasn't in charge of.

"Since my usual mode of operations is to create chaos and try to tie it together into something coherent only when absolutely necessary, I agreed," Crawford told Kill Screen. For further details, head over to Kill Screen's website.

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