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Exclusive: Here are your 2024 Games for Change Awards finalists

The final shortlist includes notable titles like A Highland Song, Chants of Sennaar, Jusant, and more.

Chris Kerr, News Editor

May 29, 2024

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A collage of artwork spotlighting the 2024 Games for Change Awards finalists
Image via Games for Change

Update: The list of nominees has been amended to include the correct finalists in the 'Best in Innovation' category due to inaccuracies in the original press release sent to Game Developer.

Original story: The finalists for the 2024 Games for Change Awards have been unveiled ahead of the celebratory showpiece in New York on June 27.

Games for Change champions video games as drivers of social impact, and said this year's finalists "showcase the global impact of games as a force for good, educating, inspiring, and driving positive change worldwide."

Titles including A Highland Song, Chants of Sennaar, American Arcadia, PacaPomo, Loddlenaut, and Jusant have made the final shortlist, which was whittled down by a panel of jury experts after a record-breaking number of submissions from 53 countries.

"This year, The Games for Change Awards received 44 percent more submissions than last year from developers in more than 50 countries," explained Games for Change organizers. 37 percent of those submissions came from the United States, while the remaining 63 percent were made by international developers.

Although developers must submit themselves for consideration, each title is evaluated across three rounds of qualitative and quantitative jury review by experts from diverse fields including design, development, social impact, and more.

Record breaking submission numbers for Games for Change

"The overwhelming response to this year's Games for Change Awards is a testament to the incredible potential of games and immersive experiences to make a difference in the world," said Games for Change president, Susanna Pollack. "From the record-breaking number of submissions to the diverse range of countries represented, it's clear that game developers are increasingly recognizing the power of their medium to tackle pressing social issues and create meaningful change."

A number of special awards will be handed out at the ceremony to recognize the "exceptional contributions" of individuals and organizations in the game industry who have pushed for positive change.

The Industry Leadership Award will be bestowed upon Minecraft in recognition of "its unparalleled influence on the gaming landscape over the past 15 years." "With its open-world format and limitless creative potential, Minecraft has empowered millions of players worldwide to build, explore, and collaborate in ways never before imagined, leaving an indelible mark on the industry and showcasing the boundless creativity of its players," said show organizers.

Twitch will receive the G4C Giving Award for playing an "instrumental role in driving real-world change through its innovative charity tools for creators," while Venba will be honored with the G4C Indie Breakout Award for "demonstrating outstanding innovation in bridging entertainment and commercial success with real-world impact."

Games for Change praised the work of Venba developer Visai Games for its "meaningful and authentic" representation of the immigrant experience. "By addressing important issues of cultural identity through innovative gameplay mechanics and a thought-provoking narrative, Venba exemplifies the power of games to create awareness, foster empathy, and bridge the gap between entertainment and real-world impact," they added.

You can find the full list of 2024 Games for Change Awards finalists below.

Best in Innovation

Best in Civics

Best in Environmental Impact

Best in Health & Wellness

Best in Impact

Best in Learning

Best in XR

Best Narrative

Best Student Project

Best Gameplay

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