GPA 2.1 - DX Graphics Performance Tools

GPA 2.1 is available for free download today. Analyze and improve the performance of your game on any DX device.

Intel's new graphics performace tool suite (GPA 2.1) is available for free download.

GPA Frame Analyzer enables you to visualize performance at the frame, render target, and draw call level - on any DX platform.

A few of GPA's features include:

1) GPU duration + pipeline stage metrics per draw call, render target, and frame

2) Pixel history

3) Overdraw visualization (per render target + pixel history selection based on this)

4) DX resource viewing and override (shaders, state, textures, etc) with immediate performance feedback and visual feedback.

5) Simple "experiments" with immediate performance feedback and visual feedback.

5) And more...

Download it for free today and let us know what you think.  And of course, please provide feedback or make feature requests on the GPA forum.


Here is a screenshot of GPA with overdraw mode enabled with pixel history on the right based on pixel selection from the overdraw visualization:

  GPA 2.1 Screenshot Showing Pixel History

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