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Remedy Entertainment is looking for an experienced designer to take a hands-on approach driving the future of the story-driven campaign mode set in the Crossfire 2 universe.

January 22, 2018

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Lead Game DesignerRemedy Entertainment

Location: Espoo, Finland

Remedy Entertainment is looking for an experienced designer to take a hands-on approach driving the future of the story-driven campaign mode set in the Crossfire 2 universe.

As the Lead Game Designer it is your responsibility to establish and drive the execution of the gameplay vision. You will guide the overall vision of the product including gameplay, narrative and world development while keeping special focus on developing and conceiving core gameplay features.

You will lead the design team to create core- and extended gameplay mechanics that will work for a worldwide audience, and with the help from our engine team, map out feature development roadmaps for future iterations of the Northlight Engine.

You will be able to clearly communicate your vision to the team, and have great skill leading a group of experts at Remedy in the creation of exciting and memorable gameplay that will leave players wanting more.


  • Hard-Boiled Veteran: You have over 3 years of AAA experience in a creative or design lead role and have a proven track record of delivering quality games of which you are proud.

  • Fearless Leader: You know how to get the best from your team, how to encourage them to work efficiently and when to push for quality. You are not afraid to make tough decisions that will improve the overall experience and keep production on-track.

  • Design Visionary: You are viewed as a bastion of game design but take pride in drawing influences from other industries. You have the foresight to anticipate problems before they occur, working to create elegant and efficient solutions.

  • Clear Communicator: Your communication skills (both written and verbal) are clear and concise. You are persuasive with your own opinions but are always considerate of others. Your conflict resolution skills are collaborative rather than confronting.

  • Passionate Player: You love games as an interactive medium. The process you use to create them shines through in your daily work. Your deep knowledge of the industry allows you to easily describe what will or will not make a feature complement the project. Your enthusiasm is infectious, inspiring others to create excellence.

  • Sharpshooter: You love the First-Person Shooter genre and will have worked on at least 1 FPS game. Your experience allows you to effortlessly describe the elements that make a shotgun blast feel satisfying or the best FOV to combat motion sickness.


  • As an integral part of the creative leadership team you are responsible of defining and owning the core vision for the project and strive to deliver the final vision at exceptional quality.

  • You can inspire and lead the Design Team with ambitious yet pragmatic gameplay goals ensuring the completion of the game to schedule.

  • You are willing to step up and take ownership of the most challenging decisions.

  • You will ensure that consistent communication is maintained, in all directions, to guarantee the quality of the game.

  • You’ll have strong understanding on how different areas of the production pipeline – game design, animation and cinematics, audio, vfx, etc. function and come together to form a cohesive experience with intuitive and exciting second-to-second gameplay.

  • You always want to continue to learn and actively share your previous experience with other members of the studio.

  • You are more than happy to mentor other members of the design team, helping them to improve and grow.

The ideal candidate will also have:

  • A passion for narrative games and a strong desire to break new ground in narrative design.

What is in it for you?

  • Yes, you get to move to Finland where the quality of life is exceptional and cost of living is affordable.

  • Moving to a new country can be intimidating, but our relocation service is there every step of the way to take care of you. You can concentrate on work, while we will take care of everything else.

  • You will be offered competitive compensation with a bonus system.

  • We work hard, but at Remedy we believe in a great work life balance. Happy people work better. In Finland you get up to 5 weeks of paid vacation every year. This is on top of public holidays and other special occasions.

  • Above all, you get to work on awesome, unique video games that the global audience is interested in at a studio where your input is valued. We try our hardest to keep our team sizes and the workload sensible, so your contributions feel valuable.

Interested? Apply now.

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