Get a job: Join Disbelief as a Technical UI Designer

We are looking for a Technical UI Designer who is a self motivated problem solver, and will play an integral role in UX development on a variety of projects and UX pipelines.

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Technical UI Designer, Disbelief

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Disbelief is a game development studio focusing on contracting and consulting services. We’ve worked with both AAA and independent studios to help their projects ship. Notable projects we’ve worked on include Gears Tactics, Gears 5, Borderlands 3, and Spellbreak.

At Disbelief we value work-life balance, and want to create an alternative to the crunch-culture prevalent in game development. We also believe strongly in investing in our talent and our team. Disbelief is a place to puzzle out the solutions to cutting-edge problems for industry leading projects, but also a place where people can grow their careers and skills as valued members of a stable and close-knit team.

This opportunity is for a full-time position in Chicago, IL. We are looking for a Technical UI Designer who is a self motivated problem solver, and will play an integral role in UX development on a variety of projects and UX pipelines. They will act as a bridge between the technical and artistic aspects of UX development, empowering both programming and design to achieve more than either could on their own. If you are equally capable of discussing performance and logic issues with engineers, as well as participating in critique and creative discussion with UX artists and designers, you are a candidate we are looking for. You will work on all parts UX, from concept to final art, design to implementation, as well as tools and pipeline development.

At Disbelief we work with leading edge technologies to make them perform at the top of their capabilities, and we take pride in solving problems others can't.

Key Responsibilities 

  • Clearly communicate UX needs to engineers, and technical constraints to the UX team.

  • Collaborate with Artists, Designers and Engineers to spec out, and prototype new UX features

  • Translate concepts/wireframes into reusable components as part of a UI system for artists and designers to use.

  • Diagnose workflow problems in UI pipelines, then develop tools and new workflows to solve them

  • Assist Engineers in developing entirely new UI pipelines

  • Profile and optimize UI content and logic

  • Estimate the time it takes to complete tasks

Skills and Requirements

  • Degree in art, computer science, or equivalent experience

  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written 

  • 1+ years in game development, or 3+ in a related industry

  • Experience with version control with Perforce, Git, or equivalent 

  • Experience with game UI platforms like Flash/Scaleform, Coherent, UMG, or equivalent.

  • Experience with localization

  • Able to build UI from start to finish, from concept/wireframe to final art and implementation 

  • Understanding of real time rendering and experience writing shaders/materials is a plus

  • Experience with HTML5, Javascript, CSS a plus.

  • Portfolio demonstrating 

    • UX Art and Design

    • Scripting ability

    • An eye for Animation/Motion Graphics

    • Proficiency in cross disciplinary tasks

    • Pipeline/Workflow optimization

Interested? Apply now.

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