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The Insomniac Games Creative Fellowship offers extraordinary individuals the opportunity to make an oversized impact on the creative vision and execution of a high-profile game.

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Creative Fellowship, Insomniac Games

Location: Burbank, CA

We’re seeking world-class talent to spark new innovations in creative development for our studio.

The Insomniac Games Creative Fellowship offers extraordinary individuals the opportunity to make an oversized impact on the creative vision and execution of a high-profile game. The fellowship focuses on elevating the craft of interactive storytelling by shaping transcendent player experiences with influence from non-game disciplines.

The ideal candidate has a lot to teach. We want to be inspired and informed by techniques from media that have a 100-year head start.  

And the ideal candidate has a lot to learn. We’re ready to share the best practices of game development—from ideation to launch—in an environment that supports intellectual growth and creative collaboration.


Insomniac seeks to bring new voices into our senior leadership team by recruiting and retaining accomplished professionals from diverse disciplines, so that we revolutionize our process and our product.

The program supports the professional development of the Fellow with opportunities to share expertise, expand networks, and strengthen skills, while working on advanced projects that have the potential to influence popular culture.

Features and benefits

The Fellowship is a 1-year program that offers full immersion during the research, ideation, and production stages of the project cycle. Fellows will collaborate with directors and writers to author an industry-defining project proposal, then work alongside a premiere development team with the resources necessary to shape ambitious proposals into tangible results.

Fellows receive a competitive salary and benefits, including paid time off and health insurance. While participation in the program is not a guarantee of future employment, our goal is to recruit candidates who may elect to join our full-time staff.


Fellows are advanced professionals in their field, with an interest in making an exceptional contribution to a project while learning the guiding principles of game development. The Insomniac Games Creative Fellowship accepts applications from:

  • Screenwriters
  • Novelists
  • Filmmakers
  • Animators
  • Visual Storytellers

Candidates should  7+ years of related work experience in their field, or combination of education and experience. 

Successful candidates will demonstrate exceptional storytelling skills, with a track record of creating compelling characters and expressing emotion through dramatic action. In addition to that, we’re looking for:

  • Advanced ideation, with a compelling individual point of view.
  • Natural curiosity, with a willingness to share perspectives.
  • An inherent drive for excellence, with an understanding of the evocative potential of games.
  • Strong collaborative skills, with the ability to be a force multiplier while working with a team.

Candidates will submit resumes, personal statements (maximum 1000 words), letters of recommendation, and writing or video samples. All of this can be submitted in the portfolio link space.  A panel of Insomniac developers will review application materials and select finalists. Finalists will participate in an interview process.

We look forward to hearing from you - please use the link below to officially apply.  We look forward to seeing your submission! 

Interested? Apply now.

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