Get a job: Cloud Imperium Games seeks a Design Director

The house responsible for Star Citizen is hiring an experienced designer to work directly with Chris Roberts in a leadership role at the company's Santa Monica, CA office.

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Design DirectorCloud Imperium Games

Location: Santa Monica, CA

The Design Director will provide creative and management leadership over the development of game aesthetics, mechanics, design, and story. In direct partnership with Chris Roberts, this position is responsible for carrying out the design vision for Star Citizen.


• Provide visionary oversight and creative direction for the game
• Manage the integration and cooperation of design, art, animation and story
• Ongoing leadership of agreed upon game quality, schedule and game team budget
• Continually improving processes and practices
• Participate in organizational planning to ensure structure reflects changing business needs
• Identify capability gaps and attract/build the talent needed to drive the business forward
• Key driver in the formulation of the studio’s strategic goals 
• Responsible for maintaining knowledge of the global game market and applies knowledge to product
• Build and manage a global team of game designers
• Motivate and energize people and teams to pursue and support project goals
• Provide day-to-day supervision of direct reports; continually communicate and provide feedback to improve employee performance; provide challenges and developmental opportunities to ensure that all employees reach their potential
• Work with team and business leaders to plan the project and achieve project development milestones
• Communicate creative direction throughout the company, to external partners and to the press


• Minimum 8 years game development experience; with 4 years of experience in a leadership role
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Experience designing for single player and multi-player online games
• Experience as a Lead Game Designer or Creative Director on AAAgames
• Experience directing on and off-site developers
• Management skills including the ability to clearly communicate performance expectations and provide regular feedback to improve employee performance
• Clearly understand creative processes; how to communicate product vision and how to align creative vision with an intended market
• In-depth industry knowledge; clearly understands the competition and market
• Excellent knowledge of video game design processes and project management practices
• A deep understanding of market trends and customer preferences across all genres, platforms, territories and demographics
• Able to identify and develop talented game developers


• Experience with the CryEngine
• Experience with FPS and MMO design
• Experience and passion for space simulations
• Experience with distributed development
• A love of science fiction

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