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Gamasutra Member Blogs: From Funny Games To Cesar Millan

In highlights from <a href="http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/member/page=1">Gamasutra's Member Blogs</a>, our bloggers write about diverse topics, such as crafting comedy experiences through gameplay, applying lessons from the Dog Whisperer to games, and mo

Eric Caoili, Blogger

June 21, 2011

2 Min Read

[In highlights from Gamasutra's Member Blogs, our bloggers write about diverse topics, like crafting comedy experiences through gameplay, applying lessons from the Dog Whisperer to games, and more.] Member Blogs can be maintained by any registered Gamasutra user, while invitation-only Expert Blogs -- also highlighted weekly -- are written by selected development professionals. We hope that our blog sections can provide useful and interesting viewpoints on our industry. For more information, check out the official posting guidelines. Here are the top member blogs for the week: This Week's Standout Member Blogs - How Many Players Should You Playtest With? (Paul Sztajer) When playtesting your game, it's important to get the number of playtesters right: not enough leaves you lacking information, and too many is far too costly. Paul Sztajer looks at how many playtesters are appropriate at different stages of testing. - Funny Games: Comedy (And Horror) through Gameplay (Alan Jack) Alan Jack examines at how comedy and horror can be crafted through play rather than scripted in writing or environment, and what effects that can have on a play experience. - Shared-Multi-Split Screen Design (Richard Terrell) In this analysis of the design pros and cons of screen design in console and PC games, Richard Terrell lays out the three main types he's identified and some interesting combinations to consider. - Roles & Action Or Dear RPG, Please Respond (Seth Gorden) How much does a player define their role in RPG games? Seth Gorden discusses the obstacles that define modern role play and proposes a few ideas, attempting to discover undeveloped terrain in our role-playing landscape. - What Cesar Millan Taught Me About Life And Game Development  (Jorge Rodriguez) Indie developer Jorge Rodriguez (Lunar Workshop) looks at applying Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan's unique "dog psychology" techniques to game development.

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Eric Caoili


Eric Caoili currently serves as a news editor for Gamasutra, and has helmed numerous other UBM Techweb Game Network sites all now long-dead, including GameSetWatch. He is also co-editor for beloved handheld gaming blog Tiny Cartridge, and has contributed to Joystiq, Winamp, GamePro, and 4 Color Rebellion.

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