Fallout 4 and 10 years past

Games over the last 10 years have changed drastically to shape the gaming industry into what it is today. I will be talking about Bethesda's Fallout 4 and some of the mechanics they showed at the press conference of E3.

Games over the last 10 years have changed drastically to shape the gaming industry into what it is today. Games have become a lot more accessible and easier for more people to engage with and understand. This has come about due to the evolving design conventions seen in modern games. With how far game development has advanced, it has allowed us the chance to make modern games more complicated then games from 10 years ago and Bethesda’s Fallout 4 is a great example of this due to all the mechanics within the game itself.

During Bethesda’s press conference at E3 they showed a number of games that had fans screaming for joy. One of these games was Fallout 4 which fans have been waiting for over 7 years to hear if it would be making a reappearance to the gaming scene. Bethesda has not let their fans down with the demo of Fallout 4 they showed at the E3 press conference.

Bethesda’s Fallout 4 is set in the apocalyptic world after a nuclear war. Fallout 4 starts you just before the nuclear event that sets the world in chaos, after going to the vault you wake up as the sole survivor of vault 111 and emerge in to an apocalyptic wasteland 200 years later. Fallout 4 has long been awaited and anticipated by Fallout fans everywhere to not only see where the series will take them but to see what new mechanics the game will bring.

The customization that Fallout 4 offers for any settlements you come across during your travels is a feature I think we are all looking forward to greatly. Everything you can see in the settlement can be used for scrap material including buildings themselves. This feature is excellent as gamers like to feel the game has their own touch in it, such as buildings they have created or rooms they have designed. These bases will also be actively raided by bandits from time-to-time, which makes half the fun being able to make a base that you and other people (people that you add to your base) able to defend. These defenses will need to be set up strategically for the best results possible against a raid. This will give you the feeling that game is yours with this touch to it as you can have their own creativity input into the game.

Fallout 4 has over 1000 of the most popular names in the world recorded in the system so that it will say your name. Now while this is great for the people that may have a name on there we can only hope that Bethesda plan to record more names in their updates for the games for the people who aren’t included within this list.

With Fallout 4 Bethesda have paid attention to even the smallest of details to bring a truly awe-inspiring world. Even the character creation part allows for any detail to edit by sculpting the face by selecting any part of it and changing it without the use of slide bars. This is almost very similar to the way that game developers sculpt there characters for any game. Skyrim’s character creation screen also allows you to customize the way your character looks to suit your liking. The creation options for Skyrim are all done by slider bars and preset features where Fallout 4 I believe will be better as you can select the part of the face you would like to change and mold it the way you want.

Bethesda have also created an actual Pip-boy arm piece to go with their game which will be included in their collector’s edition. You can place your phone in the pip-boy. They have also created an app for your phone that acts like the real deal. This will give the player a second screen experience. Now to many, second screen experiences are gimmicks. However Todd Howard guarantee’s that this will be the best gimmick in the market and on our arms. I believe the pip-boy will gave players more of a feeling that they are involved in the game more so then before, because of this new feature allowing the player to use the Pip-boy the same as how it is used in the game. The app for the smart phone which is available for iOS and Android will be released upon the games release on 10th November 2015.

Fallout 4 is a great game with many mechanics such as being able to sculpt your character to way you want them to look rather than using slider bars, having a dog as your best friend to help you explore, fight your enemies such as raiders or monsters; A real Pip-boy allowing you a second screen experience and a complete customizable system for creating your own houses, settlements, guns and customizing your own power armor. This to me shows how much the gaming industry has changed to allow players the chance to interact with everything in a world to immerse them into the game more than ever before.

What do you think about the introduction of more creative elements in Fallout 4 and why? Leave a comment below! In case you haven’t seen the Fallout 4 presentation please head over to

Review written by Jay Stamp

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