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Inexperienced game designers are prone to making certain mistakes, says DeVry University instructor David Sushil, and in the latest feature for educational site GameCareerGuide, Sushil compiles <a href="http://www.gamecareerguide.com/features/536/three_no

Jill Duffy, Blogger

May 13, 2008

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Inexperienced game designers are prone to making certain mistakes, according to David Sushil, an instructor of game and simulations programming at DeVry University. Therefore, Sushil has compiled his three favorite repeat offenders - and is sharing these with the community of fledgling game designers on Gamasutra's sister educational site GameCareerGuide.com. “Putting together a solid design for a game is difficult,” he says. “It requires experience, deep critical thought, and extensive testing, among other things. … If you are a student of game development, just knowing that these three faux pas exist (and are repeat offenders) can help you advance much more rapidly in your early education. If you are an educator, perhaps you’ve shared these same observations.” To find out what Sushil thinks are three of the most common mistakes inexperienced game designers make, check out his article, "Three Novice Mistakes in Game Design" on GameCareerGuide.com.

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