Dead Cells devs drop surprise accessibility update

Now more players can get killed by horrible monsters in Dead Cells.

Dead Cells developer Motion Twin released a surprise patch for the side-scrolling roguelike today that added a slew of accessibility options to the game.

All of the new features are under a section called "assist mode" in the game's option menus. Players are able to turn on new modes to help play the game, select new input options, and calibrate video and sound options. 

New game options include a "continue mode" that will let players restart their run from the current level, an auto-hit mode that automatically targets enemies when players get near, an adjustable trap damage, and options for slower parry window and trap speeds.

Players can also change inputs to let them hold buttons to jump or roll, and customize inputs for some in-game functions, as well as the left stick, right stick, and D-Pad.

On the video front, players can now customize the HUD transparency and size, use the Arial font to help see text more easily, and change the colors for Brutality, Tactic, and Survival updates. They can also display much more data that's normally conveyed through color or other information, enhance object outlines, and reduce the number of particles.

For players with hemophobia or similar conditions, there is now an option to turn off the blood.

And finally, players can now customize the game's sound to better fit their auditory needs, via a mix of sound priority systems and customized categories of sound effects.

It's really neat, in-depth stuff that shows how good accessibility design can be implemented long after a game's launch. Motion Twin is showing a lot of accommodation to people with different disabilities or conditions.

And as always, players who may not have the disabilities that this update supports can take advantage of these systems to make their own play experience better.

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