Chat with two of Elsinore's developers at 11AM EST

Chat with two of the developers who helped create the Hamlet-themed time-traveling game Elsinore at 11AM EST on the GDC Twitch channel.

Elsinore is the time-traveling Shakespearean fantasy that's made some waves in the game developer scene after being nominated for the 2016 Indiecade awards and winning an honorable mention for excellence in design at the 2017 IGF awards. After many long years of part-time development from the part-timers at Golden Glitch Studios, Elsinore's finally launched on Steam to critical acclaim. 

It's an artful, unique game that doesn't just turn Hamlet into a linear adventure game, but one that also incorporates elements of systemic design to let player choices spiral out in wildly unpredictable ways. As Ophelia, players can re-experience the events of Hamlet over and over until events are resolved to their accord. 

Today at 11AM EST on the GDC Twitch channel, Golden Glitch team members Connor Fallon and Eric Butler will be dropping by to discuss the development of Elsinore, making a side project happen while working a day job, and what it took to tell one of Shakespeare's most famous stories in video game form. If you have questions for them, drop by and ask away in Twitch chat! 

And for more developer interviews and select GDC talks, be sure to follow the GDC Twitch channel.

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