Casual Game Developer Slingo Appoints Coray Seifert As Director

Casual gaming company Slingo has appointed industry veteran Coray Seifert as its new director of product development, and is looking to expand its online and mobile games presence to new platforms.
Casual gaming company Slingo has appointed industry veteran Coray Seifert as its new director of product development. The company, which also specializes in casino games machines, is looking to expand its presence to new platforms, and Seifert will be responsible for bringing its online and mobile games to these new markets. Seifert is the youngest ever member of the IGDA board of directors, and has also worked as a designer and writer at Homefront developer Kaos Studios. Eric Lamendola, general manager for Slingo, explained, "Having known Coray for some time, we are thrilled to have someone of his qualifications spearhead our development efforts." "His deep ties to the game development community will help the company expand internal development efforts and continue to solidify partnerships with third-party game development studios." Seifert noted, "I am very excited at the opportunity to work with the billion-dollar Slingo brand and do so across such a large range of platforms and devices. The opportunity to develop innovative content on a global scale is significant, and I am eager to begin working on achieving that vision."

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