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Call for blogs: Nordic Game Jam participants, let's hear from you!

Another successful game jam means another opportunity to write about your experiences and share them with your peers -- and hopefully enrich the jamming culture and their skillsets with your expertise.

Christian Nutt, Contributor

February 9, 2015

1 Min Read

This past weekend, the Nordic Game Jam hit Copenhagen. Were you a participant? Blog about your experience and your game!

We recently opened a similar blog request following the Global Game Jam and we got some great submissions -- notable posts include a developer who was forced to experiment with Git (and what he learned), a great programmer considering the difference between hacking and engineering, the ins and outs of how one entry, Höme Improvisåtion, became a hit, and the story of a developer who traveled cross-country to jam at Facebook HQ conquering his fears. In fact, there are simply too many to list.

Would you like to join them?

What we've confirmed is that our readers love to read about making games, and most want to hear your stories -- the ones that can help them in their own game development journeys. Share your expeirence and your expertise; write about what you learned and what your peers need to know. Did something cool happen that you think other developers should know? Share it! 

Feel free to start blogging immediately, or email blog director Christian Nutt if you prefer to discuss your ideas before you begin, or if you have any questions about what you should write.

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