bud the Spud upgrades

Out linning some of the many changes and problems I've had implementing those changes.

I've had quite the busy week making upgrades to my "Bud the Spud" 3D game. I've had my share of ups and downs with it too. Ive added a lot of stuff like:

  • Danger Signs around the Deadly Toxic Mud Bogs.
  • Helpfull Fire Flies suguested by Jonathan to give clues as to where to go.
  • Beast Lightmapping for shadows.
  • Additional game objects like a new brocken pipe by the 3rd Mud Bog.
  • More Worms to kill.
  • More Fertilizer Pellets to collect.
  • A healthy magic green Potato Leaf Health pick up that adds 25 points to Bud's Health.
  • Some funky background music from Newgrounds.
  • A pause music button.
  • A load bar (Which I think is working OK, I'm not really the greatest at code so I dunno).
  • Some additional challenges to try and figure out.

Over all it's been both a very productive and somewhat frustrating week. Trying to get my load bar to work was very difficult even with help from Unity answers.

One of the other things I was trying to do from my long "Wish List" of things to do was to try and figure out how to give him more than one "Idle state." I was thinking something like say after he's been idling for Oh I dunno, lets say a minute, he would then perhaps start shuffling his feet and looking around scratching his head. And then maybe after even longer have him do something else kind of whacky. But I could not figure out how to implement any of my ideas into the "Walker Boys Mario 3D Clone Controller System Script". I'm just not that good with code. I am slowly startin to get the hang of some of it, but a lot of it still cuffudles me even with the Unity Script reference which I don't find very helpfull unless it has working example of how a particular code is used and implemented. I'm an artist and tend to learn more easily by examples. lol

I do think I need to make a short game level of say the inside of Bud's house to maybe help the game load faster from the players perspective because if I understand the web player correctly it continues to load the game in the background... I think?? So maybe a short simple level where the player can kill a little time moving the character around inside of Bud's house and getting used to the controlls might work well in that respect??

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