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Best of GameSetWatch: From Silent Hill To Game Center CX

Gamasutra's sister site, alt.video game blog GameSetWatch, rounds up this week's offbeat titles and news, including Hideo Kojima's disdain for Metal Gear NES, Silent Hill 2/3's redone voices, and Game Center CX.

Eric Caoili, Blogger

June 15, 2011

2 Min Read

[Every week GameSetWatch editor-in-chief Eric Caoili rounds up the latest news/media for obscure and offbeat games from Gamasutra's sister site and alternative video game blog.] We rounded up our most interesting posts from the past week -- many of which you likely missed during all the E3 hubbub, like Hideo Kojima's disdain for Metal Gear NES, the reason behind Silent Hill 2/3's redone voices, and Something Awful's goons taking over fan translation efforts for Game Center CX. GameSetWatch's highlights from the last week: Kojima Loves To Joke Around, But Deadly Serious About Disdain For NES Metal Gear - "The NES version was a pitiful title developed cheaply and simply by a small team in Tokyo. That was during the bubble economy where anything and everything that was released would sell. I came across the game in a bargain bin and tried play it, but the game design is pretty bad." Reason For Silent Hill 2 & 3's Redone Voice Acting Revealed - It was revealed that the voice acting for both Silent Hill 2 and 3 will be completely redone for Silent Hill HD Collection. Both frustrated and curious as to why, one fan decided to ask Guy Cihi, who provided the voice of James Sunderland, the lead from part 2, directly via Facebook. GameCenter CX Fan Translation Efforts Resume - Taking action following the recent abandonment of the series by another translation group, a collective of Something Awful forum members have begun releasing fan-subtitled episodes of beloved Japanese television show GameCenter CX.  Droppin' Phat Beats With A Dreamcast Stick - Don't have the cash to buy one of DJ Tech Tools' super slick but way expensive Midi Fighter controllers? Maybe you can do what Yeuda "Sidebeat" Ben-Atar did here and turn a Dreamcast arcade stick into a MIDI controller, then drop the tastiest of beats like it isn't a thing. Bloody Expensive Alice Art At Gallery 1988 - The show's aleady closed up shop, but in case you missed your chance to see them, we've collected several of the amazing Alice: Madness Returns-inspired pieces -- many of which were created by artists from developer Spicy Horse -- featured at Gallery 1988 last week. Mister Raroo at E3 2011: First Day Jitters, An Overload of StreetPasses (And Everything Else), and I Need a Cup of Coffee  - We sent GameSetWatch columnist Mister Raroo to E3 to report on the experiences of being there, the games he saw, the people he met, and even the food he ate, all with his usual intimate style.

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Eric Caoili


Eric Caoili currently serves as a news editor for Gamasutra, and has helmed numerous other UBM Techweb Game Network sites all now long-dead, including GameSetWatch. He is also co-editor for beloved handheld gaming blog Tiny Cartridge, and has contributed to Joystiq, Winamp, GamePro, and 4 Color Rebellion.

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