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5 Most Remarkable Games of 2013

Another year has passed and we've seen the game industry form and shift in many ways. Mobile Games exploded, and new consoles did their introduction. Still I am not moved by mobile games. I think I simply do not belong to this target audience.

Another year has passed and we've seen the game industry form and shift in many ways. Mobile Games exploded, and new consoles did their introduction. Still I am not moved by mobile games. I think I simply do not belong to this target audience. I like to play game experiences that reach my deepest emotions, and let me think time doesn't exist. That is why this list of games I believe are remarkable, moving and full of atmosphere are all played on console, or PC.






Devil May Cry

I nearly forgot this game was a 2013 release. Logically because it was released January 15. I have been a Devil May Cry fan for many years with ups and downs. When I first caught a glimpse of this new DMC I was not pleased with the art direction and the look & feel. Actually I was very disappointed. However, after watching 30 seconds into a review online I was already sold and bought the game immediately. They did a very great job at polishing their look & feel. It wasn't that boyband like anymore. The most important thing is the feel of gameplay. Playing DMC greatly reminds me of the simpleness of hack & slash games, very very enjoyable. It was as if I played a game made 10 years ago but technically, visually and musically modernised. I loved it, and for once I was actually enjoying a game again.





This game is a great 'gem' I found while keeping track of developer Monobanda. They have been one of my favourite developers for a long time now. They experiment with different types of gaming and apply games in different forms and formats. Remembering is a very vague experience, but very relaxing. I think it's part of a new genre games like "The Journey".  Games I hope will conquer more and more terrain. Since they do not introduce simple conflict and solution in their worlds, experiences with these games are found very positive around wide audiences. If you compare this to a Call of Duty online session I think people would sum up 1 negative experience at least. Games like Remembering are just a glimpse of what's possible in the future. Remembering tries to access your inner emotions, the one's you do not show everyday and remembers the player they have these emotions. That is one explanation how I experienced Remembering. Not only Monobanda helped develop this game but also SonicPicnic (the founders). I sincerely hope they work on a larger version of Remembering. It would be worth experiencing again.





BioShock Infinite

A long awaited release. I have to say I find this the least interesting game of all five. It's because of the games success it feels commercialised and part of the stereotypical game system. I couldn't leave Bioshock out because I enjoyed playing it and managed to finish the game as well. Years ago I finished every game regardless their rating or awesomeness. I had a sea of time. Today that's different. If a game fails to take me on an unforgettable trip, I quit. That is why GTA V does not show up here. Bioshock kept me in the loop till the end. I was amazed by the detail. For example if you stand on a floating platform you move with this floating platform. Sounds logical but it had a great effect when you changed platforms. It tickled my balancing senses. Elizabeth, a character designed to fall in love with and the development of you "booker" creating a feeling of responsibility. Well done Irrational Games!





Beyond: Two Souls

At first I did not know much about this game and it's existence. I didn't know it was a new instalment by Quantic Dream. Before Beyond I tried Heavy Rain a few times (it's predecessor). If I recall correctly I wasn't charmed the way Heavy Rain was developed. It did not play very user-friendly. Beyond: Two Souls did take away all those doubts. It plays great and I did not want it to end. I love how they portray the story of Jodie by playing events of her life in random order. The fact that you are "Aiden" her paranormal bound soulmate is greatly found. You really lose track of time when playing this game. You want to keep going and want to explore more of Jodie's life, although some parts are not to enjoy but to experience. Quantic Dream clearly learned from Heavy Rain and found great solutions for their problems. I already look forward to their third instalment probably on PS4.




The Stanley Parable

Although I did not play the full version yet. I was already amazed by the demo version of The Stanley Parable. I think it's great how they try to fool their players. They do not simply make jokes about you or around you. They have thought this far more through than you would expect. I find it very interesting that it feels like you have choice, but actually never have, and was playing a from start to finish linear storyline. It confronts us how automatically we follow and obey 'artificial intelligences' within games and are given the illusion of making choices ourselves. It's definitely something worth checking out. I hope the full game will amaze me even more!





I am sure I missed out on many great games the past year. I hope I will pick some of those up in the coming year when I discover them. 


To all my readers I would like to send out my best Holiday Wishes, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I am very happy to see people from all around the world are visiting my blog daily! Thanks a lot!


What games did you like in 2013?





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