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Watch the director of Onrush explain the process behind making an off-kilter racing game.

Bryant Francis, Senior Editor

June 20, 2018

1 Min Read

Earlier in June, before the onslaught of E3, Codemasters released a new arcade racer styled not just after familiar titles like Wipeout or DriveClub, but the team-based class systems of Overwatch and other class-driven games.

In Onrush, players pick one of 8 car types, each with different abilities, and band together in teams not to win races, but to beat the crap out of the other team and complete objectives that change from game to game. 

Since Codemasters changing lanes in any fashion is a notable milestone for the developer, we were excited to chat with Onrush director Paul Rustchynsky about the development process behind Onrush over on the Gamasutra Twitch channel. For your convenience, we've archived that full conversation up above for full viewing. 

It was a great check-in with a development team known primarily for racing games, a genre that sometimes doesn't get its day in the sun here on Gamasutra. Rustchynsky was happy to break down not only the prototyping process for a game like Onrush, but also key development details about introducing players to a twist on a well-tread genre. 

For more developer interviews, editor roundtables, and gameplay commentary, be sure to follow the Gamasutra Twitch channel. 

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