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Developers from Sony Santa Monica share early versions of levels from God of War in celebration of #Blocktober.

Emma Kidwell, Contributor

October 15, 2018

2 Min Read

It's #Blocktober again, and developers are celebrating by sharing screenshots and gifs from their projects throughout the early stages of game development.

Many designers from triple-A to indie participate in the showcase, and the team over at Sony Santa Monica studio recently took to Twitter and uploaded early version of levels from God of War to show just how much can change from start to finish. 

Blocking out a scene is one of the earliest stages of the level design process, and lets designers visualize how players will move through and interact with a map or stage before it's filled in.

Level designer Mark Nguyen kicks off the series of tweets, beginning with the opening section to Veithurgard. 


Fellow designers Kai Zheng, Ian Miller, and Chris O'Neill join in as well, showcasing the building blocks behind block mesh all the way to finished scene. 

It's interesting to see how the designers on God of War blocked out levels and compare them to the finalized product. Be sure to check out the #Blocktober hashtag to see behind-the-scenes from other games as well! 

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