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'Do you think voice chat is critical to multiplayer online game design?'

Nintendo has decided not to include it in its upcoming team shooter Splatoon -- but what's your take? And are other forms of communication more effective? Game devs speak!

Christian Nutt, Contributor

April 10, 2015

1 Min Read

This week, it emerged that Nintendo's upcoming multiplayer team shooter Splatoon won't feature voice chat -- not because the Wii U can't handle it, but because co-director Yusuke Amano thinks it's just a doorway to negativity.

“When I played online games, I didn’t like the negativity I got and people telling me, ‘You’re crap. Go away.’ So we wanted to focus on the positive aspects of online gaming," Amano told Edge magazine, as reported by Kotaku.

Is voice chat essential for online games? Are there better ways for players to communicate? We put the question to our Twitter followers, and these are the answers that they gave.

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