Sony Lays Out LittleBigPlanet Content Policy

After receiving complaints and media attention for its deletion of player-created levels from user-generated content-driven game LittleBigPlanet -- and with 84,000 levels created to date -- Sony revealed its moderation guidelines, asking that creat
After receiving complaints and media attention for its deletion of player-created levels from Media Molecule's user content-driven game LittleBigPlanet, Sony Computer Entertanment Europe revealed its moderation guidelines for creators looking to contribute to LBP's online community. "Ensure that the content you share with other users is suitable for all ages," says the company, reminding players that everyone has access to a level once its published, including children. SCEE advises, "Respect other people’s intellectual property rights. For example, don’t use images, brands or logos that you’re not entitled to use." Some of the deleted LBP levels contained content mimicking other video games like Nintendo's Super Mario Bros., as well as game characters such as Solid Snake from Konami's Metal Gear series. Sony encourages users to report levels violating those rules but asks, "If you come across any content that you feel the need to report, then please do it responsibly. Hoax reports will be considered inappropriate behaviour." Despite the attention received to deletion practices only two weeks after LittleBigPlanet's worldwide release, the company notes that less than 0.5 percent of uploaded levels have required "moderation" due to complains from other users. SCEE also took the opportunity to announce that players have uploaded some 84,000 levels and completed over 27 million level playthroughs. According to NPD figures released yesterday, the PlayStation 3-exclusive game sold 215,000 copies in the U.S. alone after spending less than a week on shelves.

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