Interim GM Gary McKay is the new official GM of BioWare

Gary McKay stepped in as temporary general manager when Casey Hudson departed BioWare last year, and has now been tapped to fill the position in an official capacity.

Gary McKay has officially been appointed general manager of Mass Effect studio BioWare following the departure of longtime BioWare dev and previous GM Casey Hudson in December 2020.

McKay is no stranger to the role. He himself stepped in as BioWare's interim general manager after Hudson stepped down last year, after joining the company earlier in 2020 as its head of development operations.

Today's news sees McKay now officially replace Hudson after the former GM stepped down suddenly alongside fellow BioWare veteran Mark Darrah.

BioWare broke the news in a blog post today, highlighting McKay's 20 years of industry experience across multiple studios in similar positions to the one he now holds at BioWare.

“At the heart of the role, you’re setting a vision for the business, and then enabling the creative developers to do their best work as we come together as a team," reads a statement from McKay. “So it’s a blend of operational decisions and creativity, working together to build the best possible experience for our players. There aren’t many roles out there where you’re constantly balancing those things, but that’s what I enjoy the most.” 

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