BlueStacks Inside aims to give mobile devs a painless way to launch on Steam

BlueStacks says its upcoming SDK allows mobile developers to bring their mobile games to Steam in a single step.

Newsbrief: BlueStacks, the company behind the PC-based Android emulator of the same name, is rolling out an SDK that it says gives developers the ability to launch their mobile games on Steam in a single step and without any lengthy porting process.

That SDK is BlueStacks Inside and the company says it offers a 1-step integration that allows mobile games to launch on Steam and route all in-game transactions through the platform’s Steam Wallet.

Games brought to Steam through the SDK run in their own, game-branded windows without any additional BlueStack branding and can work with native Steam features as well. Devs are able to self-publish the BlueStacks Inside-powered games on Steam, though the company does take a percentage of in-app purchases and charge a separate fee for its use.

Inside is currently only in soft launch, but BlueStacks says it's already used the SDK to bring games like Pirates Outlaws from mobile to Steam. 

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