Zynga's Empire & Allies Leads Fastest-Growing Facebook Games

Gamasutra's bi-weekly look at the fastest-growing Facebook titles examines the recent launch and immediate popularity of Zynga's latest social game, turn-based strategy title Empire & Allies.
[Every other week, Gamasutra examines the fastest growing Facebook games (according to monthly active users), looking at which titles and developers are having the most success attracting new players on the social network.] Just 10 days after its launch, Zynga's newest title, Empires & Allies, has nearly 9.7 million monthly users -- no surprise considering the developer's titles tend to pick up millions of players soon after release due to the company's huge cross-promotion network. Developed at Zynga's Los Angeles studio, Empires & Allies is a turn-based strategy game in which players build and manage an army to fight the "Dark Alliance." The gameplay can be described as a bit of CityVille meets Risk meets Advance Wars. The second fastest growing title this week, Gaia Online's Monster Galaxy, grew its audience by 9 percent and added 1.2 million total users. The Pokemon-esque game now has close to 14.7 million monthly active users. Digital Chocolate's own take on the social turn-based war game, Army Attack, follows with 890,000 fresh recruits and 2.6 million total users. After that, there's another Zynga title, CityVille, with 518,000 new inhabitants and 90.3 million total players. Then there's PyramidVille (from Kobojo, not Zynga) with 432,000 new users and 2.2 million total players, Metrogames' Tea4Friends with 415,000 new users and 1.1 million total players, and Namco Bandai's Pac-Man with 396,00 new users and 592,000 total players. PopCap's Zuma Blitz takes No. 9 with 369,000 new users and 5.6 million total players, followed by's Bubble Saga with 272,000 new users and 6.8 million total players, and GSN's portal, simply titled Games, with 216,000 new users and 8.3 million total players. The full list of the top 20 fastest growing Facebook games along with exact monthly active user counts, are as follows: All charts and data are courtesy of Facebook application metrics and trends site AppData.

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