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Gamasutra highlights choice quotes from industry figures such as Telltale Games' Dan Connors, Capcom's Masachika Kawata, Frontier Developments' David Braben, and many others in this new weekly roundup.

Eric Caoili, Blogger

March 23, 2012

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[Gamasutra highlights choice quotes from game industry figures such as Telltale Games' Dan Connors, Capcom's Masachika Kawata, Frontier Developments' David Braben, and many others.] In our original and exclusive interviews, analysis, and feature pieces over the past week, a wide variety of developers, publishers, and indies shared their thoughts on survival horror games, preparing to be a game designer, and the word "casual." This Week's Noteworthy Game Industry Quotes "Looking at the marketing data [for survival horror games] ... the market is small, compared to the number of units Call of Duty and all those action games sell." - Resident Evil: Revelations producer Masachika Kawata "There's never been a better time to do something as an indie - it's possible to develop a great game for mobile on a realistic budget, so we're embracing the moment!" - Anna Marsh, co-founder of new indie studio Lady Shotgun "The word 'casual' is almost like a rude word. It's the collective name given to games that are a bit shit. [laughs]" - Frontier Developments' David Braben (Elite, Kinectimals) "We don't really distinguish much." - Microsoft Studios' Michael Wolf on different approaches for building relationships with indies and big companies "Some games talk about social features and have ways to meet up with friends and play against them, but they don't have that same means of creation and consumption in that loop, and so the entire social network falls apart. " - SSX creative director Todd Batty "The business is moving toward this dime/quarter 'press a button, get a prize' model. But we don't want to give up on the entertainment experience." - Telltale Games CEO and co-founder Dan Connors on a new kind of freemium "BioWare was a great experience for all three of us, but I think we realized that if we didn't [make this game] now, we never would, and we'd regret it." - BioWare veteran and Stoic Games (Banner Saga) co-founder Alex Thomas "The best way to prepare to be a game designer is to be a world-class generalist. Instead of being an expert on one thing or a few things, be somewhat knowledgeable and interested in everything. " - Steve Meretzky (The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) in Breaking Into the Game Industry, Advice for a Successful Career from Those Who Have Done It "The creative process needs to be controlled. [Without that], creative people get together and spawn ideas, and there's no possible way to judge whether an idea is good or bad." - Might and Delight (Pid) creative director Jakob Tuchten The complete versions of these in-depth articles, as well as other insightful pieces, are all available in Gamasutra's pages for Exclusive items and Features.

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Eric Caoili currently serves as a news editor for Gamasutra, and has helmed numerous other UBM Techweb Game Network sites all now long-dead, including GameSetWatch. He is also co-editor for beloved handheld gaming blog Tiny Cartridge, and has contributed to Joystiq, Winamp, GamePro, and 4 Color Rebellion.

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