WWII MMO Heroes & Generals shuts down

TLM Games shuts down its 7-year-old MMO as it takes "the next step towards an even more exciting future."

TLM Games' Heroes & Generals has officially shut down. The free-to-play MMO set during WWII went offline yesterday (May 25), over a month after its developer announced the game would be coming to an end. 

In a statement, TLM said the game "surpassed all our wildest dreams with over 22 million players registered. [...] We are honored by the support and passion." 

Heroes & Generals first launched in 2016 from Reto-Moto, a studio formed in 1997 by IO Interactive co-founders Jesper Vorsholt Jørgensen, Rasmus Guldberg-Kjær, Karsten Lemann Hvidberg, Martin Munk Pollas, Jacob Andersen, David Guldbrandsen, and Janos Flösser. 

Reto-Moto went bankrupt in 2022, and prior to its shutdown, sold its sole game to game developer TLM Partners. The support studio has previously worked on titles such as Gotham Knights and the upcoming Immortals of Aveumand been running Heroes & Generals since last year. 

TLM's statement called the game's closure "the next step towards and even more exciting future." That future would be Heroes & Generals 2: The Next War. The sequel is planned as a redeveloped version of the original game, but on Unreal Engine. 

A Kickstarter for Heroes & Generals 2 was launched this past February. It appears that it did not reach its funding goal; with an unfunded sequel and the original game now defunct, TLM's investment in the game it acquired is now missing in action. 

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