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Work With Indies donating all October revenue to Palestinians in need of humanitarian aid

"There's no denying that what is happening in Palestine today is a tragedy and humanitarian crisis."

Chris Kerr, News Editor

October 18, 2023

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Indie job board Work With Indies has pledged to donate 100 percent of revenue made during October to organizations providing humanitarian assistance to families in Palestine.

In a blog post announcing the move, company general manager Nathan Bosia said Work With Indies will be supporting three organizations: Medical Aid for Palestinians, Palestine Children's Relief Fund, and the World Food Program.

The decision is motivated by the widely recognized need for humanitarian aid for Palestinians trapped in Gaza. The residents of the region are unable to safely exit in the midst of a retaliatory military offensive by Israel. Israel initiated airstrikes and cut off the flow of food, water, and electricity after Hamas fighters initiated a surprise assault on the country on October 7.

The attack left over 1,000 people dead. Hamas' fighters returned to Gaza with almost 200 hostages. According to Palestinian authorities, almost 3,000 people in Gaza have been killed since Israel's attack began.

Bosia noted the indie development community has previously raised huge sums of money for Palestinians, but said "those same Palestinian voices are being underrepresented again today."

"While Western corporations and governments have donated tens of millions in aid to Israel in the form of cash, military gear, food, and household supplies, they have once again left the care and livelihood of Palestinian families in our hands. There’s no denying that what is happening in Palestine today is a tragedy and humanitarian crisis," he wrote.

"Regardless of our politics, our religion, our race, where we were born, or where we currently live, none of us wishes to see innocent people suffer, lose their lives, or those of their family members.

"Millions of people, families just like yours and mine, are without water, food, shelter, electricity, and medical supplies. They need our help. We can help. We can speak up. We can protest. We can raise awareness. We can donate what we can to organizations that are providing humanitarian assistance to families in Palestine. We can ask others to do the same."

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently called for access to health and humanitarian assistance and the immediate active protection of civilians in the occupied Palestinian territory.

The organization said evacuation orders issued by the Israeli military have been "impossible to carry out" given the lack of resources in the region and noted that "with ongoing airstrikes and closed borders, civilians have no safe place to go."

"Almost half of the population of Gaza is under 18 years of age. With dwindling supplies of safe food, clean water, health services, and without adequate shelter, children and adults, including the elderly, will all be at heightened risk of disease," reads a statement issued by WHO on October 13. "WHO asks for the immediate establishment of a humanitarian corridor for their onward, safe delivery to health care facilities in Gaza, including via Rafah.

"WHO reiterates its plea for humanitarian access for life-saving supplies and the delivery of fuel, water, and food; for protection under international humanitarian law for civilians, health workers and health infrastructure; and ultimately, for an end to hostilities and violence."

Work With Indies isn't the only company attempting to send aid to Palestinians in need. Oak Grove Games founder Esther Wallace is seeking game donations from creators keen to participate in a "Games for Gaza" bundle on Itch.

Wallace is accepting game submissions until October 20 and noted that proceeds from the bundle will benefit Medical Aid for Palestinians—one of the organizations being supported by Work With Indies.

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