Windows Phone 7 Market Hits 30K Apps, 17% Games

Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 platform now includes 30,000 apps, according to statistics gathered by, with games representing just over 5,000 of that number.
Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 platform now includes 30,000 apps from over 8,000 developers, according to statistics gathered by Roughly 17 percent of those apps are games, the most popular single category on the marketplace, meaning over 5,000 game titles are currently available for the phone. Microsoft's mobile store still pales in size when compared to Apple's iOS App Store, which boasts over 500,000 apps, and Google's Android Marketplace, which hosts over 250,000 apps. However, Microsoft has reached the milestone roughly 10 months afters the platform's launch late last year. The iOS App Store took roughly eight months to reach the same mark, while the Android Marketplace took 17 months to hit 30,000 apps. Nearly half of all Windows Phone 7 apps, 47 percent, are free to download, with an additional 20 percent represented by paid apps with a free trial option. A full 75 percent of all apps are in English. Microsoft is planning a major Windows Phone 7 update, codenamed Mango, for the fall, including new APIs to give app developers more direct access to many phone features as well as added support for HTML5 sites and apps. Windows Phone 7 hardware has so far struggled to make a significant mark in the highly competitive smartphone market, representing just 2 percent of all such phones in use according to a July report. Microsoft has heavily marketed the game-playing abilities for the platform recently, pushing a series of high-profile 'Must Have Games' ported from other mobile platforms, including Angry Birds and Plants vs. Zombies.

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