What To Watch Out When Launching A New Game

There are different things to watch out for when releasing a game and here are just a few of them.

Launching a new game can be profitable but it can also be stressful. Most people who are first time developers or are working on their first game might not know what to look out for. The following are some of the things that they should watch out for in order to make their game a success.

Not Taking Time To Test Thoroughly

There are times when a development team will just want to release the game and work out the bugs at a later date. A buggy game whether it is on an Xbox or a smartphone app game can spell doom as bad ratings can lead the game down the path of failure. Delaying a release is always better than people criticizing the development and gameplay of a game. Creating a buzz is important but creating a negative buzz can hurt the careers of the people who worked on the game as well as the company that released the game.

Substance Abuse Could Ruin The Profitability

Having people with substance abuse issues in the office presents a problem. There are people who are willing to pay large amounts to hear about a game especially if it is popular and its release has been anticipated for years. Even worse a person could sell the demo version of the game to competition which could mimic gameplay in the new release of their game. Drug testing developers can be difficult as many of them work remotely as telecommuting is common in the gaming industry. Be sure to put security measures on important information and make certain things on a need to know basis so you can protect your game from a leak. Invest in some bulk drug tests at so you can protect your game and its success.

Announcing Dates Then Pushing The Deadline Back

Those who have a following in the gaming industry might use this to entice people and intrigue them about the newest game. If you are a new kid on the block then it is wise to keep your word as people might not be waiting overnight outside to get your game. With that being said, it doesn’t mean that people will never do that but it is something to build up to. Giving a general date that the game will be released is much better than setting a concrete date. Granted if your game is high quality then people will play it regardless of the release with the right marketing. Creating a great game might come with a few roadblocks so if you must announce a date then make sure your plan is laid out to every minute detail beforehand.

Not Marketing The Game

Having a great game isn’t enough to make it popular with the masses. Obviously having a well put together game does help but the marketing done for the game has to be excellent. If the game is a new release then the company releasing it has to build its brand via marketing and advertising. For the games that are sequels, the brand has been built but marketing the new technology and differences in gameplay can intrigue players of the original game and hopefully garner some new players with the new game. Marketing can be something as simple as mentioning it on your website or talking about the new games in forums or on Reddit. Create a buzz for your game and hopefully it will be a success!

There are plenty of things to watch out for when getting ready to release a game. Be as detailed as possible with your plans and hope for a few breaks! Good luck and don’t make these mistakes!

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