What Indie Megabooth's standalone show means for indie devs

One of Indie Megabooth's co-founders fills us in on how the new standalone show aims to help indie developers.

Developers, be they indie-sized or walking in the big boots of triple-A, are probably aware of the Indie Megabooth’s helpful presence at shows like PAX and GDC. As we’ve noted in the past, its indie-focused booth space helps small developers get premium placement at large events instead of the cheap corner spots.

But if you’re a dev thinking about hitting the road to market your next game, you may want to keep an eye on Saturday’s Indie Megashow event in Atlanta. Touted as a games and music event aimed at a local arts-loving audience, the Megashow event seems to be a way for developers to get a larger share of the show proceeds and facetime with players who can’t make it to the larger, more expensive shows. 

Indie Megabooth co-founder Kelly Wallick tells Gamasutra the show organizers hope to give developers a larger financial benefit for participating in this show compared to normal Megabooth events. “Our primary goal is to share the proceeds of the event with developers as a way to create a more sustainable, long term solution to grass roots marketing for indie games,” she said via e-mail.

Alongside some normal Megabooth developers, some new VR experiences, and a showcase from Adult Swim Games, the Indie Megashow will be featuring an array of local musicians that may draw an audience new to a games-focused event. Wallick says bringing fans of those acts in will hopefully open up more word-of-mouth opportunities for indies fighting for bandwidth. 

She added that “there are plenty of people out there playing games who don't necessarily identify with it to the point of making a pilgrimage to a giant convention, but would be totally into spending the day discovering cool experiences.”

If you’re near Atlanta, and want to see if the Megashow may be part of your game’s future, you can get more information here.

Gamasutra and GDC are sibling organizations under parent UBM Americas

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