Web Analysis and Your Blogs - Part 3

Part 3 of four-part series "How to Interpret Information Tracked in Web Analysis and Improve Your Blog". In this post, I describe how to use Blogger and Wordpress Stats to improve your blogs.

VII. Blogger Stats

Blog Name: Cutie, the Triple D Gamer

Last Blog Date: Nov 30, 2011

Date of Testing: Jan 11, 2012   | Range: Dec 11, 2011 – Jan 11, 2012

# of Followers:  3   | # of Subscriptions:  20 via Feedburner

# of posts:  10 | # of pages:  4 | total # of comments: 6

Total of page views of all time (or in-range): 1,117 (in-range: 305)

Type of content:  Opinionated, interviews and advice-columns with text, video, audio and images.

Main Features:

  • Sexually filtered content about video games and what morals and values are we taught about sex through games
  • Researching, interviewing and reporting women in the video game industry. Discuss the lack of women in certain fields of the industry.
  • Reporting the sexism in games
  • Giving people advice about how to survive in a gamer relationship.

Past Social Marketing Plan:

  1. Post to popular social networks equally or cross-posting.
  2. Non-frequent scheduled posting
  3. Email subscriptions
  4. Viewable on mobile devices
  5. Google AdSense


Improvements using Blogger

As stated earlier, Blogger Stats is a very basic web analytic tool and easy to analyze and interpret data. Looking at the overview [See Figure 1.1] I can easily see what stats I need to tweak:

Figure 1.1

  • Number of posts
  • Page views
    • Goals: The highest page views were gathered in November 2011 at 378. My goal therefore is to use this number as baselines for future months and gradually increase the page views.
  • Traffic Sources [See Figure 1.2 and Figure 1.3]
    • Goals: Use search engines optimization, affiliates, referrals and trackbacks.
  •  Audience [See Figure 1.4]
    • Goals: increase fans by state and countries using content-specific catering those areas. i.e., sharing insights about the views of Middle Eastern on sexism in games.

VIII. WordPress stats

Blog Name: Vivacious Entrepreneur

Last Blog Date: 1/9/2012

Date of Testing:  1/12/2012 | Range: Dec 12, 2011 – Jan 12, 2012

# of Followers:  0 | # of Subscriptions:  1 via Feedburner

# of posts: 5   | # of pages: 1   | total # of comments: 1

Total of page views of all time (or in-range): 7

Type of content: Advice, tips/tricks, FAQs, How-to/Manuals in business, marketing, Video game journalism, project management, and applications and software. Articles use text, video and images.

Main Features:

  • Black Entrepreneur advice, tips and strategies for small business start-up
  • My journey learning marketing, advertising and promoting in the video gaming industry
  • My journey as a writer and journalist
  • My struggles and successes with Project Management.
  • Tips and Advice on how to use Web Analytics
  • Superfan-type commentary about my favorite applications and software to do my projects and manage my business.

Past Social Marketing Plan:

1.         Post to popular social networks equally or cross-posting

2.         Non-frequent scheduled posting

3.         Email subscriptions

4.         Viewable on mobile devices

5.         Google AdSense

Improvements using WordPress Stats

Using the “at a glance” table, I can easily point out the lack of views and spaced out days from the views. This can be solved with more blog postings. If you post it then spread it, they will see and come.

Stat Sections

Figure 2

Referrer stats are like the traffic sources from blogger. These are clicks from another site that links to yours. My all-time referrers were social networks – Twitter and LinkedIn. To increase this list or at least get more shares, I have to regularity post to those same social networks. For Twitter, participants in hashtag conversations or Direct Messaging your audience with valuable information will help. For LinkedIn, posting new articles in related groups and contacting connections updating theme on valuable information.

Figure 3

The Search Terms Stats lists words or phrases that visitors used to find my blog when they searched. Unfortunately, this stat doesn’t show which search engines are bringing traffic. Under the referrer stats you might be able to find them. Also the blog can benefit from SEO tactics.

Figure 4

The Clicks Stats are bare. These stats display the total count and URL of outbound links the visitors clicked on my site. Embedding trackbacks and related content in each post should increase these stats. This also helps solves the inbound traffic sources referrers. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.

Figure 5

Making waves in the Top Posts and Pagesstats requires the use of superfans and subscribers. People want to love your content, so give them the best you can. The more marketing roads you take the increase of viewers.

Figure 6

The content should also strive to be interactive. This may help the Followers and Shares stats. People will share interesting and informative content. If yours are both, then it will be a successful blog. Also, content that is uncommon make great sharing brokers.


Read the first 2 parts of the 4-part series: Part 1 and Part 2.

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