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Vivendi bides its time as Ubisoft re-elects Yves Guillemot as chairman

No news is good news for Ubisoft after its annual shareholder meeting today, as Vivendi made no attempt to gain a seat on the board of the French developer/publisher.

Bryant Francis, Senior Editor

September 29, 2016

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Vivendi’s continuing shadow war to take control of French developer and publisher Ubisoft seems to be temporarily put on pause.

At Ubisoft’s shareholder meeting today, there was some question as to whether Vivendi would use its stockholder power to try and position some of its representatives on the Ubisoft board, but as Polygon and other outlets note, that didn’t happen. 

Today’s annual stockholder meeting surprisingly went without any major surprises, as Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot and Ubisoft Motion Picture CEO Gerard Guillemot were reelected to the board. That means Vivendi has to wait another year before any attempt to vote in its representative to the Ubisoft board. 

Still, there are other options on the table for Vivendi, options it exercised back in May when it went after Ubisoft’s sister company Gameloft, which was also founded by the Guillemot family. Vivendi has made no secret of its recent attempts to acquire Ubisoft stock (it has a 23 percent stake in Ubisoft at the moment, as it decided to remind the world this morning) but Ubisoft has also made moves to try and keep the French media conglomerate from forcing a mandatory takeover bid. 

Last Friday, Guillemot told the Wall Street Journal (from his graveyard-facing office) that Ubisoft “[wouldn’t] relax” until Vivendi sold its shares in the company. 

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