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Valve to show SteamVR hardware, controller, and new Steam devices at GDC

Next week, the company is going to take the wraps off of its long-awaited hardware initiatives -- and devs are invited to join in.

Christian Nutt, Contributor

February 23, 2015

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Today Valve announced that it plans to showcase previously-unannounced SteamVR hardware at GDC next week, alongside new iterations of the long-awaited Steam Machines hardware and the final version of the Steam Controller.

Valve has plans to showcase a  "family" of both Steam Machines and "new living room devices" at the show, it says. So the focus will not be solely on the PC-like Steam Machines announced in 2013 (which were last showcased over a year ago.) The company had already promised that Steam Machines would be "front and center" at next week's show. 

As for virtual reality, Valve had already added a SteamVR section to its popular download service, but this is the first confirmation that it plans to launch its own hardware device. VR R&D had long been ongoing at the Valve, but several high-profile departures, including Michael Abrash, left us wondering about the state of its efforts.

The Steam Controller has also been in development for a long time, albeit more publicly. Valve last talked about the device in May 2014, promising its release for 2015

Developers and publishers who wish to schedule an appointment to see the company's new offerings can do so via this link

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