Valve officially launches Indonesian language support for Steam

The language has been added to the full desktop client and mobile app.

Indonesian is now fully supported on Steam after the language was added to the full desktop client and mobile app.

Users can change their language preferences in both the Steam desktop client and mobile app to start navigating the marketplace in Indonesian (and other languages).

Steam language support

The update means Steam now supports 29 languages in total, all of which are supported by ongoing translation work to facilitate the many sales, events, promotions, and new features that Steam launches each year.

"We’re always working to make Steam accessible (and enjoyable!) to as many people around the world as we can, and supporting different languages makes it easier for folks to find and play great games, write reviews, share community content, and chat with friends," wrote Valve in a blog post.

"As we’ve worked toward this milestone, which included forming a team to translate over 500,000 words, we’ve also been encouraging game developers to bring the Indonesian language version of their games to Steam."

At the time of writing, there are over 900 titles on Steam that support the Indonesian language, although Valve noted that total includes "games that don't have words and thus work in any language."

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