Valheim has sold 10 million copies in just over a year

The title made its early access debut in February 2021.

Iron Gate Studio's survival sandbox Valheim has sold 10 million copies in just over a year.

The Viking-themed title launched through Steam Early Access in February 2021 and soon after managed an all-time peak of 502,000 concurrent players. 

Valheim had sold 6.8 million units as of May 20, 2021, and according to publisher Coffee Stain was being viewed as a "franchise."

The company said Valheim drove its financial performance during that quarter, and explained it was "intrigued by the prospects of what the franchise could become over the coming decade."

Commenting on the latest sales milestone, Coffee Stain VP of publishing Albert Säfström said the development team is still fully committed to the project.

"Seeing Valheim's journey through its first year of Early Access and being by Iron Gate's side has been an immense privilege," they said. "The team is pouring all their development knowledge and love for the craft into the game, and it's humbling to see the fruit of their work bring joy to millions around the world."

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