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Ustwo reaps nearly $6M in Monument Valley revenue to date

Last year's surprise mobile hit Monument Valley cost roughly $1.4 million to make and has reaped over $5.8 million in revenue to date, according to data published today by Ustwo.

Alex Wawro, Contributor

January 15, 2015

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Last year's surprise mobile hit Monument Valley cost developer Ustwo Games roughly $1.4 million to make and has reaped over $5.8 million in revenue to date, according to a data-rich infographic (excerpted below) published today by the company.

Notable datapoints of interest for developers include the fact that the iOS version of Monument Valley accounted for roughly 70 percent of all sales (1.7 million of the game's 2.4 million official sales) and over 81 percent of all revenue, as a portion of the game's sales were as a free download on the Amazon App Store.

Ustwo also suggests that the Monument Valley expansion pack Forgotten Shores, which was sold at half the price of Monument Valley itslef, took more than half as much time and money to make as the original game.

Upon release Forgotten Shores earned a slew of complaints and one-star reviews from people critical of Ustwo's decision to charge for additional content, but studio director Neil McFarland responded to the complaints with grace.

"We're in a period of market re-alignment in the wake of the success of free-to-play," he told Gamasutra last year. "We're seeing the completely necessary move in the opposite direction from selling apps for only 99 cents to a more 'premium' price."


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