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Unreal 4.12 launches with Sequencer animation and VR Editor tools

The latest update to the Unreal Engine is out and includes the Sequencer and VR editing tools announced earlier this year.

Bryant Francis, Senior Editor

June 1, 2016

1 Min Read

Developers who've been waiting to try out Unreal's new animation and virtual reality editing tools announced earlier this year finally can, as Epic has finally released Unreal 4.12 to the public. 

In a blog post, Epic's Alexander Paschall breaks explains the charges to Unreal and the newest features. Sequencer, the non-linear editing tool announced at this year's GDC, allows developers to compose, edit, and record animations while editing elements on the fly. 

The VR editor, which allows developers to edit 3D spaces by using Oculus Touch controls, is available in preview mode, meaning developers will need turn on the "Enable VR editing" button in the Experimental section if they want to edit levels in VR. 

Paschall writes that the VR editor only works if motion controls are installed, so developers will need either Oculus Touch controllers or an HTC Vive in order to use this feature. 

In other VR news, this update contain's Epic's promised support for the new Google Daydream platform. Developers who don't have a Google Daydream devkit yet can still use the Daydream support to create apps for Google Cardboard.

The rest of the update contains improvements for making games on mobile devices and tools for animators and level designers. 

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