Unity closes offices in response to "potential threat" to staff safety

The death threat comes days after Unity announced its divisive Runtime Fee pricing plan for developers.

According to Bloomberg, a meeting for Unity staff members has been canceled following a "credible" death threat made against people at its offices in Austin, TX and San Francisco, CA. 

In an email provided to Game Developer, a Unity spokesperson called the cancellation "[an] immediate and proactive measure to ensure the safety of our employees, which is our top priority." Both offices have been closed down for the remainder of the week.

"Today, we have been made aware of a potential threat to some of our offices," Unity's email continued. "We are closing our offices today and tomorrow that could be potential targets for this threat, and are fully cooperating with law enforcement on the investigation."

Unity's controversial decision

Earlier in the week, the engine maker made a controversial decision to charge developers for using its software after hitting a certain threshold. While it doesn't go into effect until January 1, 2024, the move has caused plenty of strife and discussion among the game industry. 

Unity later attempted to provide some clarification on the matter, saying it won't affect most developers and mainly be targeted against "new installs."

Prior to the cancellation, CEO John Riccitiello was set to address concerns amongst employees about the pricing choice. A variety of studios such as Massive Monster (Cult of the Lamb) and Garry's Mod creator Gary Newman have both critiqued Unity and urged the company to reconsider its stance.

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