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Unity's co-founder leaves -- to make games

Nicholas Francis, chief creative officer and co-founder of the popular engine provider, has announced that he is moving away from the company in order to create his own games using the tech.

Christian Nutt

February 21, 2013

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In a post on Unity's official blog, Nicholas Francis, the chief creative officer and co-founder of the company, has announced he is leaving the engine provider to pursue game development. "As great as it has been building Unity, I have come to feel that actually using it is what really scratches my itch," writes Francis. "It’s made me realize that I have games I want, no need, to make!" Francis has contributed a great deal to both the features and the interface of the popular game engine over the last decade. In an interview published last year, he told Gamasutra that his role was to help take Unity's tech and "make sure it works all the way round and that it's easy to use and it's easy to learn." "And that's sort of my job -- to sit down with everybody and figure out, 'How do we make this simple? How do we make it so that anyone can figure out how to use it?' And that's a really hard problem to solve, in many cases." "This has not been an easy choice – in fact, it has been one of the hardest ones in my life," writes Francis, on the company blog. "I’ve given to Unity all I had to give, and now I gotta go do what I gotta go do."

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Christian Nutt


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