Ukie and Nesta launch interactive UK Games Map to chart real-time growth

UK trade body UKIE has linked up with 'innovation foundation' Nesta to launch the first interactive map of the British games industry. 

UK trade body Ukie has linked up with 'innovation foundation' Nesta to launch an interactive map of the British games industry. 

The map is designed to provide an open, accessible view of the region's growing industry. It's hoped developers and businesses will use it to improve relations and target growth in key areas. 

By tracking the UK's many games companies, service providers, and universities, the map can also be used as a real-time visualization tool, highlighting crucial game clusters and presenting their vital stats. 

Users can search for companies and institutions based on a number of criteria, such as preferred platform, number of published games, and age. 

"Building on the 2014 Nesta-Ukie report 'A Map of the UK Games Industry,' the UK Games Map will be an invaluable tool and data source, providing an open, accessible view of the industry, by the industry, and for the industry," reads the Game Map website

"It can promote local networking, encourage skill sharing, connect businesses, build links between local businesses and talent, highlight clusters, trends and patterns of growth to investors, as well as providing [an] up to date snap-shot of the industry."

The map is based on data pulled from various publicly available records and sites, combined with information from official company records. 

That data is then reviewed, and if necessary amended, before it's published on the map. Ukie is asking those companies that've been missed to submit a new profile for inclusion. Registered users will also be able to edit existing details. 

You can take the map for a spin by clicking right here

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